Extra Heavy Duty 350gsm Tarpaulin Blue And Beige UV Protected Waterproof

Our Waterproof UV Protected Blue and Beige Ultra Heavy Duty Tarpaulin go at 350gsm is our strongest polyurethane sheet. Such additional uncompromising canvases are rough, powerful, and durable with a strong woven count of 16 u16 per square inch, 3 percent UV inhibitor, and eyelets at 50cms spans. With roughly 15 cm on either side of strong corner fortifications and extra eyelets, the customer can be certain about a hardwearing object.


1.16 x 16 weave count 350 gsm
2. 5 Layer polyethylene fabric Rotproof, Shrinkproof & UV Protected
3. Aluminium Eyelets at 50cms on all 4 sides
4. Sturdy Corner Reinforcements with additional eyelets 15cms either side to help reduce 5. the risk of eyelets pulling due to excessive force
6. Color: Blue outside / Beige inside

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